High Performance Core Product End Mill Catalog

Introducing Emuge’s NEW High Performance Core Product Offering

Find The Perfect Solution For All Of Your Demanding Applications

Emuge’s New High Performance End Mill Catalog expands our North American solid carbide end mill offerings to include the core products from our global milling programs. Including High Performance tools from our TOP-Cut, TOP-Cut VAR, Mulit-Cut, TiNox-Cut and Hard-Cut programs, you can find the perfect solution to tackle a wide range of demanding applications across a large variety of materials.

TOP-Cut VAR and TOP-Cut Metric tools provide a complete solution for universal milling applications. Multi-Cut roughing end mills maximize metal removal rates in a wide variety of materials. TiNox-Cut roughing end mills are specially designed for Aerospace and Medical applications in tough materials like Inconel, Titanium and Stainless Steel. Hard-Cut end mills have a specific geometry for hard milling in materials up to 66 Rc.

Contact Emuge regarding your opportunity to test our end mills in your toughest applications.

Emuge’s High Performance End Mill Catalog Highlights

  • Advanced cutting tool geometries for increased stability and tool life
  • Superior coatings for maximum performance
  • Highest quality carbide grades
  • TOP-Cut and TOP-Cut VAR for universal applications for job shop environments
  • Multi-Cut roughing tools to maximize metal removal
  • TiNox-Cut for Aerospace and Tough applications in Inconel, Titanium and Stainless Steel
  • Hard-Cut for hard milling up to 66 Rc