Emuge TOP-Cut VAR End Mill Program

Introducing Emuge’s Brand New TOP-Cut VAR End Mills

The Economical Universal Milling Solution (inch)

Top-Cut VAR is Emuge’s premium line of competitively priced, variable helix, solid carbide, high performance end mills for universal applications. With its unique flute and profile geometries, TOP-Cut VAR provides a highly versatile solution for both roughing and finishing applications in a wide range of materials.

Emuge’s variable helix design reduces unwanted vibration resulting in improved surface finish and a much higher milling accuracy. With TOP-Cut VAR you eliminate the need for separate roughing and finishing tools. All of this means increased productivity and overall cost savings.

Top-Cut VAR Higlights

  • Stub, standard and long lengths available
  • Chamfer feature protects cutting edges and prevents chipping
  • Fully blended corner radius options extend tool life and provides improved surface finishes
  • Advanced ALCR PVD coating provides outstanding performance in higher operating temperatures