Emuge's SPEEDSYNCHRO® Tool Holders

Spindle Speed Multiplier

When you program a small tap to run at 5,000 rpm in a synchronous tapping cycle, you think you are getting the benefits of high speed tapping, but in reality you are not. The fact of the matter is that a CNC machine has to spin up, slow down, stop, reverse, spin up and slow down in a matter of inches. The faster you program it to spin, the longer it takes to slow down, spin back up and slow down again. It simply cannot keep up with the programmed speeds when it has to put on the brakes constantly in a tapping cycle that is under two seconds long. Emuge's solution is the patented SPEEDSYNCHRO® Tap Holder. The only tap holder of its kind in the world, our SPEEDSYNCHRO® features an integrated 1:4.412 transmission that allows the tap to achieve the full programmed speed.

In short, it allows the spindle to run at a lower RPM, while the tap is actually running 4.412 times FASTER. Now instead of programming the machine to spin at 4000 RPM and watch it struggle to actually achieve that in the short tapping cycle, you can program the machine to 906 RPM which is very easy for the machine to do, while the tap achieves the full 4,000 rpm. This REDUCTION of spindle speed provides two cost-savings opportunities: a time reduction of UP TO 40%, and an energy reduction of UP TO 90% per tap cycle. 

On top of this, the SPEEDSYNCHRO® holder carries the patented dampening system of our Softsynhro® tap holder. Now you have a tool holder that increases tool life up to 3x, reduces cycle times up to 40%, and reduces energy costs of up to 90% per tap cycle. It is the perfect tap holder for very high production environments.


  • Patented 1:4.412 transmission
  • Integrated IKZ coolant-through and adaptable MQL system.
  • M1 - M8, #0 - 5/16" tap range, with use of ER16-GB tap collets.
  • Max spindle speed of 2,000 RPM for 8,824 RPM at the tap.
  • No set maintenance schedules.
  • Easy programming instructions
  • Exact thread depths

Emuge SPEEDSYNCHRO® in Action.


In Action