Tap Extensions

Can’t reach? Why buy special extra-length taps when an Emuge tap extension holder will solve the problem?

It happens all the time, part designers put threaded holes in places where traditional tap can’t reach. You have a tap design that is your first choice for this stainless steel part, but now you are forced to use a 6” extension tap that is not well suited for stainless steel or buy a special made tap which cost more money and has an 8 week lead-time.

The best solution might be a standard tap extension. Not only will this extension solve your immediate problem, it can be used over and over in a wide range of applications.

Make the investment and save money

  • One piece body construction with minimal run out values
  • Fits Standard ANSI and DIN tap shank designs
  • Solid and coolant-fed options
  • Fits standard collets as well as shrink fit holders
  • Durable and long lasting investment for multiple uses

Replacement clamping nuts and wrenches available on request.