Turbine Blades

Turbine blade manufacturing is a varied field from aerospace engine compressor blisks and rocket turbopumps, rotors and stators of large steam and gas turbines, to the world of blades and vanes. Many of these precision, high temp alloy part designs require 5-axis machining and also advanced cutting tool designs to be successfully manufactured. Emuge offers a wide range of solid carbide end mills that are used extensively in this industry. We also have partnered with leading CAM software providers and can assist customers with best practices programming recommendations.

What's New


The circle segment end mild constitute a new tool class which enable machining with a larger tool path distance during pre-finishing and finishing operations. These tools are primarily used in plastic mold-making as well as in the production of tire molds, turbine blades, impeller blades, or blisks. The technical advantage of these end mills are the large radii in the cutting area of the respective tool which offer entirely new possibilities in machining.

The large radius simulates a ball-nose end mill with a cutting diameter of 2 to 3,000 mm and even larger on request. The large radii cutting tools dramatically increase the step-over width for each cutter pass and therefore milling times.

The CAM software system that has to support and compute the geometry of the circle segment end mill, plays an important role here. Emuge's technical support personel can assit in selecting the proper tool geometries as well as developing the optimum milling tool paths. As a consequence, machining times can be reduced significantly and at the same time, the surface quality of the components is increased.

There are four different types of circle segment end mills available as stocked standard items, each with a unique function:

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Tapered Ball Nose end mills along with Torus Style end designs provide maximum performance in turbine blade and impeller milling applications. Emuge offers a full line of premium quality carbide end mills with unique tapered and flute designs in a variety of lengths and sizes. Application and programming assistance is also available on request.

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