Emuge Videos

EMUGE Circle Segment & Trochoidal Milling Strategies

A demonstration of EMUGE end mills in P20 tool steel using traditional and updated milling strategies. Finishing a surface with a standard ball end mill strategy and the new EMUGE Circle Segment strategy, showing a 90% cycle time decrease with an improved finish. Roughing a pocket with the standard Multi-Cut roughing strategy & a new Jet-Cut Trochoidal strategy with chip breaker. The Jet-Cut Trochoidal is used to finish both pockets. Roughing a pocket with a Top-Cut VAR with & without radial chip thinning.

Emuge 3X D Dynamic Speed Cutting

This is a product view of an Emuge Jet Cut End Mill Speed cutting at 3X D depth using their FPC tool holder in a Haas DM2 milling center. Key points - 3X diameter depth cutting, great tool holder that stops the tool from being pulled out under heavy roughing and the fast back feed rate of the DM2. Again matching the right tools with Mastercam Dynamic tool paths will reduce your cycle time, extend tool life and make you more money.

5-Axis / Circle Segment End Mills

Circle segment cutters are a family of carbide form cutters specifically designed for 5-axis milling. This video demonstrates the concept of 5-axis milling with 1. BARREL SHAPE, 2. LENS SHAPE, 3. OVAL FORM and 4. TAPER FORM cutters from Emuge. This new milling concept requires proper CAM software. Emuge has partnership agreements with many CAM suppliers and can help explain the application for proper results.

5-Axis Aluminum Milling

The possibilities of producing ultra-fine finished medical components such as knee joints is demonstrated using a Hermle 5-Axis CNC machining center and an ALu-Cut ball nose carbide end mill. A 10.0 mm standard design end mill is shown.

Slot Milling Strategy Comparisons

The versatility of the Multi-Cut end mill is demonstrated with six separate milling strategies using a single Multi-Cut Duplex carbide end mill. A slotting cut is shown using an; HPC High Performance path, an HSC High Speed milling path, a Trochoidal milling strategy, a 3-D Trochoidal Slot cut and a Plunge Roughing strategy. Lastly, a 3D Contour milling path is shown.

MASTERCAM DYNAMIC Trochoidal Milling

This is Mastercam's dynamic toolpath, cutting A2 tool steel with an EMUGE 4XD 16mm Trochoidal series carbide end mill. The holder is an Emuge FPC chuck that is available with an anti-pullout pin-lock system. Cut on a Haas UMC 750 CNC machining center.

OPEN MIND hyperMILL 5-Axis Milling

This video shows the possibilities of modern 5 axis milling released by Hermle, EMUGE and hyperMILL. This masterpiece of an aluminum high heel shoe model is a joint project by Hermle, EMUGE and OPEN MIND and was shown at the 2014 IMTS Show.

Circle Segment Milling Strategies

OPEN MIND developed its innovative 'tangent plane machining' strategy for 5-axis machining centers using hyperMIL CAM software, specifically for machining the planes of steep surfaces and bottom surfaces. This strategy incorporates large step down finishing passes. The video shows the concept employed when using Emuge Circle Segment Cutters designed for 5-axis applications.

Turbine Blade Milling

A demonstration of the milling process for a turbine blade using a 5-Axis CNC machining center. An Emuge TiNox-Cut carbide end mill is used to rough out the part shape. The performance of a Circle Segment / Barrel Form carbide end mill is used to finish the blade is then contrasted to a traditional cutter path of a ball nose, Jet-Cut style carbide end mill.

Trochoidal End Milling

A demonstration of a trochoidal milling in P20 tool steel material. The video shows a Series 2533L extra length (3xD) Trochiod Carbide End Mill being used as a roughing and super finishing tool in the same application. The chip breaking flute design allows the end mill to operate at full depth with minimal radial depth of cut. Chips are broken into smaller segments that are quickly evacuated.