Emuge Videos

EMUGE Circle Segment & Trochoidal Milling Strategies

A demonstration of EMUGE end mills in P20 tool steel using traditional and updated milling strategies. Finishing a surface with a standard ball end mill strategy and the new EMUGE Circle Segment strategy, showing a 90% cycle time decrease with an improved finish. Roughing a pocket with the standard Multi-Cut roughing strategy & a new Jet-Cut Trochoidal strategy with chip breaker. The Jet-Cut Trochoidal is used to finish both pockets. Roughing a pocket with a Top-Cut VAR with & without radial chip thinning.

Emuge 3X D Dynamic Speed Cutting

This is a product view of an Emuge Jet Cut End Mill Speed cutting at 3X D depth using their FPC tool holder in a Haas DM2 milling center. Key points - 3X diameter depth cutting, great tool holder that stops the tool from being pulled out under heavy roughing and the fast back feed rate of the DM2. Again matching the right tools with Mastercam Dynamic tool paths will reduce your cycle time, extend tool life and make you more money.

Speedsynchro Model Cutaway

The inner workings of a Speedsynchro unit are shown in detail.

Softsynchro Tap Holder with Flush Disk

A demonstration of a SoftSynchro tap holder with coolant flush disk. In a coolant through spindle application, the flush disk directs the coolant flow directly around the perimeter of the tap. All Softsynchro tap holders have the option of using sealed or flush disks.

Speedsynchro Assembly Animation

Animation of the assembly and operation of Emuge’s patented Speedsynchro˚ spindle speed multiplying device for high production tapping.

Softsynchro Modular

Animation of the assembly and operation of Emuge’s patented Softsynchro˚ tapping chuck with axial length compensation and force dampening features.

Speedsynchro Performance Comparison

The new clamping pliers recording SPEED SYNCHRO is the proven Softsynchro® - minimum length adjustment and an integrated reduction gear equipped "to be fast" . By the ratio between the machine spindle and the threaded tool - recording of 1 : 4412 may actually increase the achievable synchronization speed of a modern machine tool and thus the thread production time is significantly reduced.