Emuge Videos

Turbine Blade Milling

A demonstration of the milling process for a turbine blade using a 5-Axis CNC machining center. An Emuge TiNox-Cut carbide end mill is used to rough out the part shape. The performance of a Circle Segment / Barrel Form carbide end mill is used to finish the blade is then contrasted to a traditional cutter path of a ball nose, Jet-Cut style carbide end mill.

Softsynchro Tap Holder with Flush Disk

A demonstration of a SoftSynchro tap holder with coolant flush disk. In a coolant through spindle application, the flush disk directs the coolant flow directly around the perimeter of the tap. All Softsynchro tap holders have the option of using sealed or flush disks.

Multi-Cut High Performance Roughing End Mills

The versatility of the Multi-Cut carbide end mill with a roughing flute profile is demonstrated in P20 tool steel. The video clip shows a slotting, periphery milling and pocket milling application with the same end mill. The center cutting, NR roughing flute profile allows for plunge and side milling at extremely high feed rates.

Trochoidal End Milling

A demonstration of a trochoidal milling in P20 tool steel material. The video shows a Series 2533L extra length (3xD) Trochiod Carbide End Mill being used as a roughing and super finishing tool in the same application. The chip breaking flute design allows the end mill to operate at full depth with minimal radial depth of cut. Chips are broken into smaller segments that are quickly evacuated.

TOP-Cut VAR Demonstration

The Top-Cut VAR is a variable helix carbide end mill designed to be used in a wide range of materials and cutting strategies. This video shows a ½” diameter Top-Cut VAR milling at full depth in 4140 material using a trochoidal milling strategy and then a finishing pass. The Top-Cut VAR is the most economical milling solution for today’s high paced manufacturing environment.

Roll Form Tapping Process

Instructional animation showing how the thread forming process works. The video demonstrates how material is displaced rather than cut and the slight “fish mouth” that is formed at the crest of each thread. Formed threads are stronger than cut threads and the tapping time is less.

5-Axis Milling / Tire Mold

High speed production of a tire mold using Emuge/Franken milling cutters on a 5-axis CNC vertical machining center. Emuge supplies the complete range of milling solutions for the most complex parts.

5-axis Milling / Turbines

This video shows the complete milling process for an impeller blade using Emuge turbine milling tools and 5-axis machining. Emuge turbine milling cutters are designed for log reach applications in 5-axis CNC machining environments. The tools have geometry specific for the process required to form these complex parts. 5-axis programming assistance is also available for Emuge.

5-Axis Milling / Tube Form

EMUGE-FRANKEN demonstration milling of a solid block with standard and form milling cutters using a 5-axis CNC vertical machining center.

Precision Clamping / Spannsytem SG

Assembly and actuation of an EMUGE Spannsystem SG