Go / No-Go Gauges

Metric - 6H

Plug go gage and no-go plug gage are double sided for rapid checking of a internal threads.

Metric - 6H
Part Number Description
LU1001000020 M 2-6HGO/NOGO
LU1001000030 M 3-6HGO/NOGO
LU1001000035 M 3.5-6HGO/NOGO
LU1001000040 M 4-6HGO/NOGO
LU1001000050 M 5-6HGO/NOGO
LU1001000060 M 6-6HGO/NOGO
LU1001000080 M 8-6HGO/NOGO
LU1001000100 M 10-6HGO/NOGO
LU1001000112 M 12-6HGO/NOGO
LU1001000114 M 14-6HGO/NOGO
LU1001000116 M 16-6HGO/NOGO
LU1001000118 M 18-6HGO/NOGO
LU1001000120 M 20-6HGO/NOGO
LU1001000122 M 22-6HGO/NOGO
LU1001000124 M 24-6HGO/NOGO
LU1001000130 M 30-6HGO/NOGO
LU1001000136 M 36-6HGO/NOGO
LU1001000422 M 20x1.5-6HGO/NOGO
LU1001000438 M 22x1.5-6HGO/NOGO