Left Hand Taps

ENORM - Metric

The Enorm design is typically for blind hole threads in long chipping materials.

  • The fast spiral flute (35-50˚) provides good chip removal from blind holes
  • Depending on design and size, threads up to 3xD can be cut
  • Form C (2-3 P) chamfer length
  • DIN / DIN standards dimensions for flute length and shank size
  • LH style has a left hand flute design

ENORM - Metric
Part Number Description
B05010500030 M 3-ISO2/6H 1ENORM-LH
B05010500040 M 4-ISO2/6H 1ENORM-LH
B05010500050 M 5-ISO2/6H 1ENORM-LH
B05010500060 M 6-ISO2/6H 1ENORM-LH
B05010500080 M 8-ISO2/6H 1ENORM-LH
B05010500100 M 10-ISO2/6H 1ENORM-LH
C05010500112 M 12-6H 2ENORM-LH
C05010500114 M 14-6H 2ENORM-LH
C05010500116 M 16-6H 2ENORM-LH
C05010500120 M 20-6H 2ENORM-LH
C05010500124 M 24-6H 2ENORM-LH
C05010500251 M 8X1-6H 2ENORM-LH
C05010500276 M 10X1-6H 2ENORM LH
C05010500303 M 12X1.5-6H 2ENORM-LH
C05010500331 M 14X1.5-6H 2ENORM-LH
C05010500359 M 16X1.5-6H 2ENORM-LH
C05010500390 M 18X1.5-6H 2ENORM-LH
C05010500422 M 20X1.5-6H 2ENORM-LH