Bottoming - UNC/UNF - Ne2

MultiTAP will cut a wide range of material including carbon steel, steel alloys, stainless steel, aluminum and copper. This all purpose design is well suited to the job shop, short run tapping environment.

  • UNC/UNF taps are made to DIN / ANSI standard dimensions for overall length and shank size
  • 2B/3B class of fit for UNC/UNF taps
  • Form C (2-3 P) chamfer length
  • Ne2 Surface Treatment - Oxidation - In a special installation, the tools are exposed to hot steam. This leads to the formation of a dark oxide layer on the tool surface. This oxide layer protects the surface, and acts as a good carrier of lubricants. Cold welding which occurs especially with low-carbon, soft steels, can be prevented in this way.

Bottoming - UNC/UNF - Ne2
Part Number Description
BU5332005003 #4-40-2B/3B SF-MULTI HSSE
BU5332005004 #5-40-2B/3B SF-MULTI HSSE
BU5332005005 #6-32-2B/3B SF-MULTI HSSE
BU5332005006 #8-32-2B/3B SF-MULTI HSSE
BU5332005007 #10-24-2B/3B SF-MULTI HSSE
BU5332005008 #12-24-2B/3B SF-MULTI HSSE
BU5332005009 1/4-20-2B/3B SF-MULTI HSSE
BU5332005010 5/16-18-2B/3B SF-MULTI HSSE
BU5332005011 3/8-16-2B/3B SF-MULTI HSSE
BU5332005037 #4-48-2B/3B SF-MULTI HSSE
BU5332005038 #5-44-2B/3B SF-MULTI HSSE
BU5332005039 #6-40-2B/3B SF-MULTI HSSE
BU5332005040 #8-36-2B/3B SF-MULTI HSSE
BU5332005041 #10-32-2B/3B SF-MULTI HSSE
BU5332005042 #12-28-2B/3B SF-MULTI HSSE
BU5332005043 1/4-28-2B/3B SF-MULTI HSSE
BU5332005044 5/16-24-2B/3B SF-MULTI HSSE
BU5332005045 3/8-24-2B/3B SF-MULTI HSSE
CU5332005012 7/16-14-2B/3B SF-MULTI HSSE
CU5332005013 1/2-13-2B/3B SF-MULTI HSSE