Self Lock Taps

Various Styles

In an ideal screw connection for high-stress situations, where there is a standard external thread in an EMUGE SELF-LOCK internal thread, the internal thread yields a self-locking screw connection that can be used repeatedly. The special profile of the SELF-LOCK thread allows an even distribution of stress over the entire thread length and therefore eliminates slippage.

  • The thread locking feature is integrated in the internal thread
  • Modified profile with ramp surface in the direction of stress
  • 30 degree ramp surface provides self-locking effect
  • Easy assembly
  • No assembly errors possible (forgetting the locking device)
  •  Use of standard external threads (screws) with tolerance class “medium”
  • Even distribution of stress over the entire thread length
  • No stripping of threads
  • Economically efficient locking system, no additional components are necessary
  • Constant, maximum holding power even under dynamic stress
  • Repeated loosening and re-tightening without loss of function
  •  Internal threads can be produced with EMUGE taps, cold forming taps or thread mills
  •  Larger thread hole diameters – increased tool life for threading tools
  • Larger tolerances for thread hole diameters
  • The SELF-LOCK thread profile is an Emuge standard. Thread gaging is accomplished with Emuge thread gages

Self Lock Taps Products