GF Style

Vario-Z - MF

GF-Vario-Z style thread mill with variable diameter range for metric fine threads. One tool for different thread sizes, but one pitch only, with correct thread profile.

  •  For the production of internal threads
  • Larger number of flutes for added stability
  • 15˚ right hand spiral flute
  • Optimized cutting geometry
  • Bright finished or TICN coated for abrasion resistance
  • Coolant fed for blind and through hole applications

Vario-Z  - MF
Part Number Description
GFB351010251 ≥M 8x1 GF Vario-Z Style Spiral FLT
GFB351010276 ≥M10x1 GF Vario-Z Style Spiral FLT
GFB351010359 ≥M16x1.5 GF Vario-Z Style Spiral FLT