Threads All Carbide Thread Milling Solutions

THREADS-ALL™  Quality, Security, Versatility and Economy

As the demand in today’s market increases for smaller parts and more efficient machining solutions, so do the threading solutions from Emuge.Miniature size thread mills provide a high-quality and dependable threading solution for a variety of difficult materials.

THREADS-ALL™ Expanded Sizes

The new Expanded Program gives manufacturers a ready tooling solution which allows for quick adaptation to a variety of threading requirements, in a wide range of materials.

Threads-All tools easily and safely machine with unsurpassed thread quality and tool life, while eliminating the possibility and consequences of tap breakage.


  • Easy machining of difficult materials
  • One tool for through and blind holes
  • Pitch diameter can be easily controlled
  • Full bottom threading to within 1 pitch
  • Precise thread depth control
  • Thread depths up to 3xD
  • STI threads can be easily produced
  • Produces excellent thread finish & gaging
  • Eliminates the possibility and consequences of tap breakage
  • Eliminates the need for hand tapping
  • Eliminates the need for thread cutting oil

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